I have a few goals for this site:

Project Logging

I want to keep track of any personal projects I’m working on. At the moment at least, that can include software projects, artistic ventures (web design, typography experiments, game design, doodles) or personal improvement projects (habit and skills development).

Writing Practice

It’s been a few years since I’ve been required to regularly write prose or long-form text of any kind, and it was never a habit I kept regularly on my own. I want to practice my written communication and technical writing skills, and spending more time on it seems like a great way to do that. I’ve picked up a copy of The Art of Plain Talk and hope to start reading it soon.

Demo Space

I haven’t maintained a real demo space in a while, in part because I haven’t built anything worth demoing. Related to the Project Logging goal, I want to treat this site like an archive for a lot of real code and demos.

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